• A Currency Review in the U.S. and Abroad

    A Currency Review and Futures Report

    The US dollar had a good week to close out October.  It was bolstered to new highs against the euro and yen.  It is driven by both positive developments in the US and negative developments in Europe and Japan.  

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  • The Renminbi Lags the Dollar and Euro, but is Growing Globally

    China Presses on with Renminbi Internationalization

    Over the past several decades, we have seen how China’s high economic growth and increasing economic integration with other countries have led to a dramatic increase in its clout in global output and trade.

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  • The Technical Outlook for the Dollar

    Getting Technical with the Dollar

    If the worst of the market panic is behind us, it is worthwhile exercise to see what the charts are saying about the dollar. One advantage of technical analysis is that the fundamental causes and considerations behind the large moves need not be determined.  

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  • Global Currency Moves and the Dollar Correction

    The Dollar Correction May or May Not Be Over and Other Currency Moves

    Last week was of two halves.  The dollar correctly lower through midweek and then recovered.  While the dollar's losses were pared, it still managed to fall against nearly all the major currencies.  However, it finished the week on a firm note, and although it appears poised to move higher in the week ahead, it is not immediately clear that new high is imminent.   

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  • Sterling lower in Asia on majority favoring Scottish independence

    Sterling gets pounded after YouGov poll shows slim majority favor Scottish Independence

    Sterling has been pounded by the YouGov poll that showed that those favoring Scottish independence have gained a slim majority for the first time.  It does not matter than other polls have yet to confirm it.  A "yes" vote was widely seen as a high impact event, though calling it a Black Swan probably does not do justice to the long planned event.  The major parties in the UK are expected to announce a new devolution agreement for Scotland to entice the rejection of independence.  

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